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Powerful so I had to share this ... everything is energy ...
Look at life as an energy economy game. Each day ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are my energy expenditures — actions, reactions, thoughts and feelings — productive or nonproductive?
  • During the course of my day, have I accumulated more stress or more peace?
  • Where and when do I need to activate the power of my heart and intentionally choose sincere feelings such as appreciation, care and love?
The goal of asking and answering these questions is to help you learn to stop energy leaks deliberately and on demand, so you increase your energy reserves and ultimately spend more of your day at an optimal, regenerative level of energy.

Walking meditation is best done outdoors where you can walk freely (as opposed to indoors, where you would have to be aware of the limited space available and use conscious thought to remember to turn around and navigate in tight quarters).

First, find a level place to walk. Running tracks at schools are great; if none is handy, a paved or level dirt path is suitable; avoid rough terrain or busy locations full of distraction. Sorry, but leave the dog at home! It’s tempting to want to multi-task and walk Fido at the same time, but you can’t focus on walking when your attention is on the dog.

Before you begin, establish awareness of your body and your environment by noticing how you are standing – your posture, whether your eyes are ahead or downcast, whether you feel energetic (tall) or lethargic (slumped). What is the environment like? How is the temperature? What do you see, smell and hear? Is there a breeze? Are there clouds or bright sunshine? Take a few deep
cleansing, relaxing breaths, and set your intention to become mindful of the experience of walking by saying, “walking!”

Begin walking. Focus your awareness only the sole of each foot and how it interacts with the ground; focus intently on how it feels to push off the ground, lift the foot, move it forward and step back onto the ground.  When your attention wanders, gently bring it back, just like when you focus on the breath during sitting meditation. Let your mind’s chatter be nothing more than background noise and stay focused on the steps.

If you have trouble quieting the mind, stop walking, and mentally say, “thinking!” Pause for a moment, set the intention again: “walking!” Then, begin walking again. Don’t overdo this – it can get frustrating if your mind is particularly noisy. If that happens, become aware of your thoughts while you walk, don’t attach to them and just observe. Soon the chatter will quiet down and you’ll be able to refocus on walking.

Start with 15 minutes and work up to longer periods as your ability to hold your attention increases. Or, you can do walking meditation for 15-30 minutes and follow it up with a sitting meditation. This will bring balance into your practice. You can alternate walking and sitting meditation from day to day to enhance your present-awareness and keep your practice fresh and to develop your abilities.

Appreciation is an emotional state that raises your vibration and shifts your perspective to what’s really important in your life.  When your vibration is elevated you are able to attract more things to appreciate so it becomes a rising spiral of vibrational frequencies. 

In order to figure out what it feels like, focus your breathing in your heart:  see your breath go in and out through your heart as you think of someone or something you love.  Know what that feels like because it actually changes your physiology and brings your heart and your brain into coherence and balance.  During the process be sure to forgive yourself and remember to appreciate all of your accomplishments.

When you are faced with a challenge, you can remember and apply that feeling as you intentionally look for the good and the lessons of that challenge.  This brings about a lightening and an expansion that helps you deal with the curve balls that inevitably come your way.  The key is to be flexible and resilient and use all the tools in your toolbox to maintain balance in your life.

Spending more time "being" rather than "doing" ... quiet time for reflection and meditation ... listening to uplifting music ...

More movement in my day ... taking a break and getting up from my chair and walking outside barefoot to ground myself ... taking long slow breaths for expansiveness ... jumping on my rebounder at least 15 minutes every day ... doing my Chinese cowboy qigong routine ... spending time in my infrared sauna for detoxing ...

More restful sleep ... going to bed earlier ... doing my nighttime ritual even if I fall asleep on the couch ...
using aromatherapy for a peaceful sleep ... so I have energy to be who I am ...

Playing with my friends at least once a week ... taking time to laugh and connect with friends and family ... nurturing relationships that bring me joy ...

Practicing 15 minute time bursts of organizing and simplifying activity daily ... dipping into my job jar to prevent resistance ... this enables a sense of peace to set in as I let go of clutter and the old me ...

Spending time blogging and writing in my gratitude journal daily as a form of focus and appreciation ... this satisfies my mind's need for productivity and growth ...

Taking time to cook and eat healthy foods ... more fruits and veggies ... fewer carbs ... and drink more water ... 

Spending time being creative ... working on scrapbooking or mind movies or my mandala or writing ...

Practicing the word "no" ... whenever demands for my time overwhelm me and take me away from my priorities ...

These are the things I need in my life to be happier and balanced.  Life interferes at times and we have a tendency to sabotage ourselves, but I try to go back to the basics as soon as I can because I know how easy it is to spiral away from this if I am not careful.

What are some things you do to nurture yourself?

Such a tough question and one that is never fully realized since we are constantly changing and refining who we are. Right now:  I am ENOUGH.  I am who I am in the moment based on the choices I have made, not all wise by any means.  However, I am grateful that I don't waste time second-guessing my decisions.

I am older and wiser.  As time speeds up, I counteract it by consciously slowing down.  I schedule "down" time in my day because when I don't, I get snappy.  I take things off my "to do" list instead of piling more on it.  I am realistic about my boundaries and limitations.

When my daughter wants to talk, I listen and cherish those times.  When my sons call, I am happy that our bonds are strong and confident that I gave them the necessary tools to create happy and fulfilling lives for themselves.  When a friend calls, I stop what I'm doing and catch up or make plans <thankful that I don't surround myself with needy people so the calls don't consume my day>.  When my cats want some loving, I take time right then to pet them and play with them. 

I like my alone time; my hermit archetype allows me time to recharge for socializing time.  I like peace and quiet and spend a lot of time in nature.   I do have a streak of laziness in me and one of my vices is watching TV.  I know it sounds crazy, but it helps me relate to a variety of personalities in real life and be more tolerant towards them.  I have always been interested in figuring out what makes people tick in order to help them become all they can be. 

I am an avid and diverse learner and I love to share what I know; I just haven't figured out a way to encourage people to pay me for my knowledge yet.  I love to create order out of chaos and design systems and procedures that make life easier. 

I may just be one of those people whose purpose is to just "be" ... and that's okay with me if my modeling behaviors encourages others to be themselves.  I seem to be a spark for others to be more authentic and fun-loving because I love to have fun and play and laugh and be spontaneous, and they tend to do it more when they are with me.  Raising the world's vibration, one person at a time!

I want peace in my life.  I want space to allow my future to unfold and flourish.   There is information overload everywhere I turn and I need a sanctuary where I can escape and breathe freely.   I want to walk in my house and not have "projects" screaming at me for completion.

No matter how much clearing I do, there's always another layer to let go of when the timing is right.  Lucky for me, our community yard sale was today so I took a new look at my stuff and was able to let go of lots of books which are always hard for me to part with.  Various things in my garage also departed even though "I might need them in the future".   It felt good, although obviously money was not the main objective since the "profits" are never what they should be.  As always, what didn't sell went straight to goodwill and never made it back into my house.   It was simply ready to go.    

I think we could all part with more of our stuff if we knew it would be appreciated and needed by others.   Some of the more sentimental items are hard to part with, whether they were given to us or we paid a lot of money for them, but when they are ready to go ... we just need to let them go.   They have served their usefulness <and even if they have not> and need to move on.

This is a good time to look at things that reflect who you used to be and that no longer serve you.  Sometimes it's hard to close a door because of a false sense of security but until you clear out the space the "old you" occupies, you have no room for something new to move in. 

For me, I am not good at marketing myself so no matter how many brochures I come up with or teleseminars I have listened to on marketing ... I have not taken action on them.  All they serve to do is make me feel guilty for my inaction.  I need to examine exactly why I have not taken action ... perhaps I don't really want to do what I think I should do?  Who knows but perhaps I will figure it out during this period and finally let it go once and for all.  

You never know:  it might just lead to a whole new path for me.   And while I am at it, I might just let go of all the fears and doubts about the future I am holding on to as well ... sounds like I might need to do a bit of tapping too!

It seems like this should be simple but if I am going to be focused, I need to put it down on paper.  That way I can look back and see how much I did accomplish and where I need to focus going forward.  It's all about accountability.

One thing that I know I will concentrate on amidst the chaos and fear in the world right now is raising my vibration.  Whenever I am confronted with fear <either within myself or others> I will turn it around by using my essential oils, meditation, crystals, listening to uplifting music and focusing on love and gratitude for all that I have currently.   

Another thing I want is the feeling of spaciousness and expansion again.  I feel very closed in and constricted right now and it is very stressful even though it is just a natural consequence of the choices I have made.  So I will make time to reflect, to do some local traveling and perhaps even some camping.  I am lucky to live where I do and it is easy to appeciate the majesty surrounding me.  There's always more to let go and that will be another focus for me during this time.

And finally, focusing on my health.  It is so easy to sabotage my best health intentions.  So I will get back to basics:  daily rebounding, drinking 8 or more glasses of water every day, getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep, and logging into my fitness pal daily.  It worked before and I just need to re-dedicate myself.  Perhaps I can lose 20 pounds during this time.  And most importantly, I want more energy so I can do everything I want without the overwhelming feeling that I need a nap!

And even more importantly, I promise to be gentle with myself during this time ...

"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." –Henry David Thoreau

I periodically review my values just to see if they have changed.  I have noticed that they have been fairly consistent for the last decade, probably since I am older and wiser and more confident in who I am.  Right now, they are as follows:

Authenticity is probably at the top of my list of values.  When I was young, I called it the "spark".  I have spent a lifetime in self-realization and awareness, and I don't have time for relationship games <board games and card games are another story!>.  I respect and admire people who are willing to be real; who are enthusiastic and passionate and accountable even if I don't always agree with them because at least I know where I stand with them. 

Freedom is way up there for me. It colors every decision I make and I truly believe it goes hand in hand with simplicity.  When we have "less" we are more free to be flexibile and spontaneous without having to worry about extraneous "stuff".  I still honor my commitments; I just no longer think in terms of "forever".   Things change in the blink of an eye whether we want them to or not and I like to be ready for anything.  

Ease is a newer concept for me, but becomes more important the older I get.  It is so effortless to be in the flow of the universe rather than worrying about being "right" and constantly fighting battles that really don't matter in the end.  It means trusting my intuition more and using my discernment and cooperating for the best outcome for all concerned even if I don't get my own way.  It ultimately means being patient and using common sense to find balance and simplicity in all things. 

Love as a value for me is all wrapped up in trust and vulnerability and loyalty and reciprosity and honesty and dependability and affection.  I am still working on all that, but at least I have unconditional love from my cats!

Joy is last but definitely not least!   Laughter is a must for me, and spending time with those who are fun-loving and light-hearted is a priority for me.  Spending time in nature and appreciating the simple pleasures in my life is a fountain of self-renewal that keeps me grounded yet curious and open to new experiences.

So what are your values?  Does your outer life reflect them?